Trust is our most valuable asset.

Assisting Asset Managers to mitigate delinquency rates for optimal portfolio performance

Success Rate
Success Rate
Years of Experience
Years of Experience
Field Agents
Field Agents in U.S.
Fully Compliant
and Licensed in
50 States
Tenured Team Members
Tenured Team Members with over 10 Years of Industry Experience

Collect to Cure

The Collect to Cure Program was designed to protect your relationships with customers while we do everything we can to minimize portfolio losses.

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Restore accounts and quickly get them back on track to performing.
Our team handles all communications with your customers and updates are accessible 24/7 online.
Cost effective
Cost effective
Get instant access to a team of experienced cure specialists to minimize losses.
Fully licensed and bonded in all 50 states.
Brand protection
Backed by a $5M E&O policy and $5M in excess coverage.
Fully compliant
Recover and transport assets anywhere within the United States and Canada.
Work with a team of highly skilled and versatile specialists who understand the uniqueness of each case to formulate an approach to deliver the best results.
Available when you need us; 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Route to Recovery

The road to a healthy financial recovery starts with a relationship built around trust. Through our network of agents and partners, we work to recover assets quickly and ethically.

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“We count on ACS to be responsive and efficient, and, from a collections standpoint, they deliver more than any other agency we have ever worked with.”

– Supervisor, Asset and Loss Mitigation Tractor and Heavy Equipment

“In the 15 years that we have been working with ACS, we have never considered moving to another recovery partner. They are the most flexible, agile and, more importantly, ethical company I have ever worked with.”

AVP Asset Management - Equipment Leasing and Financing

“As a vendor relationship owner, I have enjoyed working alongside ACS as they consistently perform at a high level. ACS does a great job of providing reporting that breaks down the client's portfolio to pinpoint where efforts can be maximized.”

Supervisor, Post Charge-off Skip/Agency Attorney - Transportation

“We stay with ACS because they are second-to-none when it comes to communication. We find ourselves trusting ACS with more and more of our most time-sensitive and important deals, and they always respond with thorough and swift action.”

US Manager, Account Resolution and Repossessions Construction